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Unlike some of the people making comments about Greyhound Bus Lines, I'm satisfied with Greyhound service. (Surely, I can't be the only contented traveler, but It's human nature to be quick to complain and slow to compliment.) I'll say this to the naysayers: "If you want first-class service fly first-class with airlines. Go ahead/5(). What are PopSockets? PopSockets are expanding grips and stands that attach to most phones, tablets, and cases. Add a single PopSocket, or a pair of PopSockets, to the back of almost any mobile device to transform its capabilities. PopSockets "pop" whenever you need a grip, a Stand, an earbud-management system, or just something to play sexygarilns.cfs: 1. On-time service is based on estimated departure and arrival times, which may be delayed by various factors including weather, traffic and road sexygarilns.cfon: Government Blvd, AL

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How would you rate your experience with Greyhound Lines? Heed in by transporting iron ore miners at 15 cents a ride. In the US government began the Interstate Highway System and ownership of cars increased, causing a decline in the use of public transportation, including buses.

Greyhound faced a long decline in ridership. In the aftermath, Greyhound Lines was spun-off from the parent company, greyhound for mobile phones. A Greyhound Bus driver, who had a suspended license, caused a fatal crash near Fresno, California, in early In Aprilat least 4 greyhound for mobile phones have filed lawsuits against the company after the intoxicated bus driver caused the bus to overturn near Jackson, Mississippi, causing numerous injuries.

These cities were linked with each other, as well as several cities in Texas. In doing so, Greyhound made themselves the first American bus line to offer an intra-Mexican bus route. Question 1: What is the phone number for Greyhound Lines?

Answer 1: The phone number for Greyhound Lines is Question 3: Who founded Greyhound Lines? Heed in Tagged as: Greyhound bus corporate office phone numbergreyhound bus customer complaint deskgreyhound bus customer complaintsgreyhound lines addressgreyhound for mobile phones, greyhound lines corporate addressgreyhound lines corporate office headquartersgreyhound lines customer complaintsgreyhound lines headquartersgreyhound lines home officegreyhound lines main officegreyhound lines office addressgreyhound lines office emailgreyhound lines office faxgreyhound lines office phonegreyhound lines greyhound for mobile phones phone number.

The bus broke down in Springer New Mexico we sat there and waited for 8 hours for another bus. All we got is a Subway sandwich this is ridiculous. We will never travel Greyhound again.

We are working on a partial refund. Greyhound is a ripoff, the scheduling fare site does what the hell it wants, I was supposed to have purchased a ticket to chicago boarding at pm I know I selected the right time but the system has me on a whole different bus than my child.

I have a Very bad experience with Greyhound packages express. I shipped my luggage from Lubbock Tx to Dallas. I never receive a call to know if my bags is in Dallas. I called greyhound customer service which is one of the worst I have seen, they did nothing, greyhound for mobile phones. My luggage is missing and they are not doing anything to help me find it.

This is very sad, greyhound for mobile phones. I have my personal things in my bag. I shipped my daughter and her new husband two large boxes with their wedding gifts in them over a week ago. As of this moment I am unable to determine the current location of packages. No answer at the local station, every call attempt is automatically rerouted to someone at the call center who knows less than I do. Just an awful experience. My son Anthony recently rode Greyhound from Huntsville Al.

Oh, wait a minute, he only made to Detroit Mi. Thanks Greyhound, you successfully cured his fear of flying. All of these people greyhound for mobile phones not be wrong and they all need to be on a class action lawsuit against this company the right attorney will take it!

Those area district managers whom I reached out too and left a detailed message have blown me off sent a e-mail saying they can not find my travel detail info for my luggage is your fault!

Atlanta hub manager calling me names and telling me to go outside so he can beat my ass in front of two metro Atlanta police who egged the situation on knowing I was disabled!!! Disgusting and terroristic!!!!!! I asked him his name he took his rent a badge off and told me to go out the building off the premises so he could beat my white trash ass???

All of this is like a Saga if it were a soap opera it would be calledas the greyhound Turns on you!!!! Get It Together!!! These are the raggedly buses I have ever seen. Then they send a driver and made us wait another hour. Totaling a little over 6 hours. And I injuried my feet trying to get off the bus. I called and was given a case number and no compensation.

Greyhound my daughter went to the news station regarding how horrible services are. At some point One of my pieces of luggage was lost. While I was at the Dallas bus stop I had asked if someone could show me where the lost baggage was, greyhound for mobile phones.

I was told where to. I went. When they showed me where the lost luggage was, I looked on in utter horror.

There was no way on earth anyones luggage could ever be located. There were hundreds of bags simply thrown into this huge pile. Then one employee told me after a while these bags get taken to a warehouse….

For what? I mean honestly, When I saw how the lost bags are handled, it is absolutely apparent that there is no way anyone even attempted to search for my bag.

I is my request that these bus stations should rethink the lost luggage procedures. There are many things in my luggage that was lost that cannot be replaced. I have begged and pleaded with greyhound to please search for my piece of luggage. It is rather clear that when the employees receive a greyhound for mobile phones luggage complaint they simply fill it out with blayant disregard for the belongings of others. My greyhound for mobile phones that was lost was the middle or medium size.

It is black with 2 red and black zipper pouches on the on the front. Then you lie to me and tell me that you sent a gift card for I am telling you that if you were to simply go to these bus stops and check out the lost luggage section, you would truly understand what I am saying. The first problem occurred when there was no option for a senior citizen discount. I purchased the ticket anyway hoping that I could later greyhound for mobile phones my ID and get the discount later, since I had 24 days before I use the ticket.

At 10 A. I realized I had to change my travel plans, and spent the next 2 hours and 45 minutes on dropped calls, and explaining the same problems to a half dozen people. I later had to change my travel plans, greyhound for mobile phones called the Greyhound company, greyhound for mobile phones, 10 hours later, greyhound for mobile phones.

I was told that I could not get a refund because I opted to buy an economy ticket. I advised the agent that none of the 3 ticket options warned that a ticket was non refundable. The three different types of ticket on the web site were labelled, Economy, Economy-flexible and Flexible.

I honestly thought that was related to seating options. When I spoke to the agent about this, I was informed that there was a question symbol? T am 65 years old, greyhound for mobile phones, and the question symbol is so small that it looked like a period at the end of a sentence, and I was wearing my glasses.

I am greyhound for mobile phones that everything else is the same print size, except for the? Greyhound published declaration against biases, such as Ethnicity, greyhound for mobile phones, gender, physically challenged, etc, greyhound for mobile phones.

Well, I believe your website needs updating. I will try to find a way to inform as many seniors, or visually impaired citizen, about this problem with the website, this information could facilitate informed consent to your consumers. I made a choice to travel with Greyhound, instead of a Asian independent bus line, I expect honesty, reliable information, and professionalism.

I booked a trip for a client who became ill and was unable to travel. I contacted Greyhound to ask for a refund at which I was told the ticket was non-refundable. Not knowing when the client would be able to travel again I asked if the ticket changed to a later date at which I was told yes. I was told that the trip would be canceled and that I could call back at a later date to reschedule the trip, greyhound for mobile phones.

I went over this several times with the agent to be sure as I did not want to loose the fare. Now 4mos later the client is well and able to travel also has suffered a death in her family which she is eager to get to get to her family. When attempting to reschedule the trip I was told that I would have had to book the trip a day before the departure of a trip that was cancelled and I would have to purchase another ticket. Also that there was a change in the policy and there was nothing that could be done.

When asking for a corporate number I was told that they do not have the corporate number. I am so very upset as well as my client as she needs to get to her family however at this time of year following the holidays the staff that came together to purchase the ticket are unable to do so again.

We are disgusted! To mention that the representative gave wrong information leading me to believe the ticket could be rescheduled. This is going to break my clients heart that I now have to tell her she can not be with her family during this time due to this. It is horrible that your company would take hard earned money especially that was contributed to help put someone in need. Abosolutly will never recommend this service and will make sure we all leave reviews of the wrong information given and the services we did not receive.

Disheartening at the the holidays. On December 7th of The Greyhound Lines, greyhound for mobile phones, left me out side waiting on a bus for over 4 hours in below freezing temperatures in a greyhound for mobile phones town named Brattlesboro, VT.

Instead of sending a car, van or bus to that location the moment they knew the driver or bus service was down I was left to stand there without word as to whether or not the bus was even coming to pick me up. After 4 hours my toes were almost completely numb and I began to shiver without control. | Contact Us


greyhound for mobile phones


The team found 26 small packs of suspected shabu, cigarettes, improvised weapons, mobile phones, and gadgets. One of the mobile phones was recovered in the cell of a certain “Barok,” said to be the number one drug personality in Cebu. Also discovered were more than pieces of lighters, other drug paraphernalia, and cash. The future of bus travel is here! We're making bus travel faster and easier than ever before by offering E-Tickets. Now when you buy your bus ticket from the mobile app or on our website you can choose to have a paperless E-Ticket delivered right to your smartphone – . Jul 02,  · Greyhound Bus Driver Now has a Zero Tolerance Policy on Cell Phones. BY he now has a new “zero tolerance policy” on cell phone use as well. the use of mobile .