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samsung galaxy s3 front camera review

Aug 04,  · The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the biggest surprises from the Korean firm, and shows quite a step-change in the way it approaches mobile design: it's /5. May 03,  · Review Price: £ in, x pixel display Quad Core GHz CPU 8MP camera with p video Android ICS with TouchWiz The Samsung Galaxy S3 has become the most successful Android /5. Aug 12,  · The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G front camera achieves a Video score of 94 points—the highest score for a front camera to date—thanks to excellent results across all test areas and especially for texture. Its Video sub-scores are as follows: Exposure (69), Color (81), Focus (85), Texture (88), Noise (77), Artifacts (84), and Stabilization (77).Author: Lars Rehm.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Review: Digital Photography Review

Once in video mode the aspect ratio of the live view image turns to but otherwise the screen layout remains pretty much the same as in stills mode. You can apply the same effects as in stills mode to your video footage and you can also adjust exposure compensation, white balance and video quality and resolution. In practice though the Auto systems do a very decent job and there's hardly ever a need to interfere manually which means all you usually do to record a video is press the video button to get started and then again to stop capturing.

Stills images can be captured during video recording by tapping the shutter button that appears on the screen after you press the video button to start recording.

Image captured during video recording are the same width as a standard still image pixels but in format rather than and therefore only vs pixels high.

Exposure and focus are taken care of automatically when shooting video, so all you need to do is point your device toward the scene and press the record button. In good light video quality is excellent, with good color, very few articats and very smooth motion.

Sound quality is decent but in windy conditions wind noise will be audible on the sound track, just like on many compact cameras. The electronic image stabilization is not quite as efficient as its optical counterpart in many compact cameras but overall the video quality in good light is excellent and on par with many digital cameras.

In low ligh the video image quality deteriorates in a very similar to what we've seen on the the S3's stills image output. Footage is still smooth but there's visible image noise and the video looks soft when viewed full-size. Like with stills the light levels in bars and other establishment can sometimes too be low and you end up with underexposed video footage. I got a galaxy s3 and found the camera quality with the flash was very average.

It turned out to be a failing battery if any of you are having the same issues. The flash with have a delay samsung galaxy s3 front camera review sometimes not shoot even when turned onalong with the camera not focusing sometimes and the images blurred.

Mobile mob helped me with the issue so i ended up buying the battery form them locally here in oz. I'm samsung galaxy s3 front camera review an issue with finding a way to unhide a hidden photo, samsung galaxy s3 front camera review. Any help will be appreciated. I bought my girlfriend the Galaxy S3,just the same as mine btw,and there is a problem with the camera. When you open the camera it starts up in negative mode at the effect-settings,so to snap a picture,she always have to alter the setting "effects" from negative to "no effects or another effect In shooting mode, toggle the icon showing a camera with a curved arrow on each side.

It is at the top right of the screen in portrait orientation. If you don't see this icon, click on the phone's hidden physical Menu button to the left of the physical Home buttonand select "Edit shortcuts.

Long press the camera with 2 arrows icon and move it to the top or bottom bar. For easy reference in the future, bookmark this URL and sideload a copy of this user manual to your phone's SD storage card and on a cloud storage to which the phone has access, such as Dropbox. Its camera is samsung galaxy s3 front camera review better samsung galaxy s3 front camera review htc one x You recommend a case so the GS3 isn't so slippery when taking photos.

I can't decide whether this is a good or not. It does give the camera so extra stability, but it's also awkward to use. I'm a photographer who normally uses a Sony A55 with Zeiss zoom. I have to say this S3 is a nice little camera and a cut above the one in the original Galaxy. My friend has an S2 which works about the same as the S3. They won't be the equivalent of DSLRs.

Nonetheless, the S3 is a great camera. With a little post processing, you can get great digital photos suitable for screen viewing. If you want large prints, you probably won't be happy with anything but a DSLR. Could you please do as detailed galaxy s2 review?

I want a camera phone that runs android and im not sure if the s3 is worth the extra usd it costs over here, pretty please? Great site!! Please suggest which is best overall on camera performance. I couldn't find it mentioned, maybe I missed it, But what is the 35mm equivalent field of view for the lens? The first one its 35mm for camera and 45mm ish for video.

I am wonder if they went wider at 28mm or kept it a 35mm. There is nothing you can do about it. But, samsung galaxy s3 front camera review, this is not correct since a night mode is proposed in the Scene mode menu.

This mode doesn't use the flash but it uses a longer exposition time. If you didn't use this mode for the tests in low lighting conditions, then the results and the conclusion are certainly incorrect. It disappears when certain settings are activated. Try switching off Image Stabilization, that dis it for me.

It's better than a lot of camera phones except the Nokia which has a great lens comparatively. But to put it in context, most lenses on cellphones will have dust and fingerprints samsung galaxy s3 front camera review over them How about the red-dot- flare pattern when shooting into the sun through leaves, or sunsets, or into reflectors at night?

Did not come across this in my sample shooting, samsung galaxy s3 front camera review. There is a shot against the sun in the sample gallery the one with the geese and the S3 did just fine int hat situation. This phone provides a night mode. It would be helpful to use it when you are taking pictures at night or in low lighting conditions Thank you for reviewing cell phone cameras. For me, it is pretty important to have these kind of reviews. I bought the Note II last week and pleased with many of the pictures where there is plenty of light, but see issues with quality when there is hardly any light, samsung galaxy s3 front camera review.

But it's not bad and knowing these limitations, I can do a work-around. For example, I wanted the due to the "supposed" low-light quality but the phone was not out then, and after giving much thought, felt that since most of my pictures were in the daylight I would be fine, and for those in the dark, I have the NEX that will do just fine.

Geez, 10 pages for a phone? At least show the pages in the sidebar or in a menu so I can skip to the content I actually want to read I have this phone and pictures look soft even after you've taken them when previewed on screen. I guess the effective resolution is around 4 megapixels due to strong NRit's much much softer than my 6 megapixel Fuji F31fd which I gave to my mother and don't use anymore. Well there is no surprise that a larger 6MP sensor performs better in low light than a very small 8MP sensor, samsung galaxy s3 front camera review.

Sure - the SIII has no physical shutter button, but you overlooked the fact that the shutter can be voice activated, and it works! Who needs a physical shutter button with that feature? I just say "shoot" and the shutter snaps. I seriously cant imagine ever wanting to use that feature! But then again, I am not a fan of voice commands in general as they feel unnatural and seem like they would be annoying for the people around me.

Thanks, I will check and add this to the review Voice commands are useful for virtually everything you can do on a phone so why not use them for the camera? I realize voice is not desirable in every shooting situation, but the reviewer did overlook this feature. The touchscreen shutter button works fine. This isn't Samsungs latest model. And the Note 2 has a flip-button-press - shortcut for fast camera access. Unsure about this one.

I dont see anything in your introduction about 2 different sensors, thats why I post a comment about this important fact.

I am really trying to find the focal length of the lens. Am I missing something? Is it not a part of the spec? I have and S3. It's a great phone and barely a camera. It's amazing that you rank this phone so highly for its photo features. Looks like phones have a low bar to jump at Connect. As we do with cameras you have to view these phones in context. The S3 looks good in comparison to many other phones. Is is a better camera than dedicated digital compact cameras?

Probably not. Are those becoming standard and going to be done even on the "normal" DPReview? We are currently working with DxO on cell phones and lenses. We might use some of their data for camera reviews on the future, so watch this space. See DPReview for how to do it right. Either the page thumbnails or pop-up menu would do the trick. Good taste. The Mikme Pocket is a portable wireless mic with particular appeal to smartphone users looking to up their game and improve the quality of recorded audio without the cost or complexity or traditional equipment.

With 4K video, 30 fps Raw bursts and additional controls, it's a big step forward from its predecessor. And perhaps more interesting than the EOS 90D, samsung galaxy s3 front camera review.


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Nov 02,  · The Samsung Galaxy S3 is capable of recording p full HD video and the camera app' s video mode is accessed by tapping the video/stills switch above the shutter button. Once in video mode the aspect ratio of the live view image turns to 73%. Feb 26,  · Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – Performance and S Pen. Another headline feature of the Galaxy Tab S3 is the S Pen stylus, which comes in the box rather than as /5. May 03,  · Review Price: £ in, x pixel display Quad Core GHz CPU 8MP camera with p video Android ICS with TouchWiz The Samsung Galaxy S3 has become the most successful Android /5.