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straight talk 4g lte apn settings iphone 5

Sep 30,  · #1 So as you all may know, Straight talk is now offering LTE to BYOP AT&T sim customers. Here is proof that LTE is now working with the iPhone 5. I tried calling straight talk several times and spent countless hours on the phone trying to get LTE to work. I ordered a new sim card . Jun 20,  · 2) Pull your STRAIGHT TALK 4G chip out of your Iphone 5 (verizon) and put the Verizon chip back in. 3) Do a full erase to factory settings. set up as a new iphone 5. DO NOT RESTORE. Upload the APN settings from with teh old verison chip in the phone (while on wifi of course). Straight Talk 4G LTE APN Settings for Android. Straight Talk Verizon AT&T T-Mobile US 4G LTE 3G Internet and MMS Settings for Android Galaxy S9 S8 S5 S6 S7 Tab Note J7 On HTC One Desire Wildfire LG Optimum G3 Nexus6 Xperia LG. On the Home Screen Tap – Settings -> More ->Mobile Network -> Access point Names -> + (to add) Name: Straight Talk.

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Note that field names will be different on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. Straight Talk changes the APN settings periodically when they update their network. Sometimes the older APN settings continue to work. Sometimes they stop working.

Below are some of the values they used in the past. Some Android phones will not let you edit or delete your APN settings regardless of which network you are using. After almost a month of trying different settings and either not having mobile data, or having everything but not having 4G, or not having MMS but 4G and mobile data, I finally have my settings right. Hey Jen, Thank you for taking the time to share. When reader share it benefits others and helps me improve smartphonematters.

Are you even able to edit the APN on your iPhone? For most the settings are hidden and you need to install a profile…. Hi i just left the comment on your YouTube video. I just switched to Straight Talk, straight talk 4g lte apn settings iphone 5. I am now getting the error that I am not subscribed to a Data carrier. I still have the SIM that came with the phone. Straight Talk says they have all my info activated correctly. Before I instal, it says something about the profile not being signed.

I go ahead and install. But still no data unless I am on WiFi. Do you know where I need to troubleshoot to fix this? Not sure where to go. Since you said you were a bit confused by all this, straight talk 4g lte apn settings iphone 5.

I am on my way out so check out these two things and let me know how it goes. You should not need to buy a new phone but it might take a lit bit to get it straightened out. It still shows sprint. I do believe its unlocked, for one because its paid off and they ported my number from sprint, and 2 because after an attempt to erase and restore my phone to see if that got it working, I recall seeing something on itunes saying the phone is unlocked.

I wish I could recall exactly. I did also try to do the network setting reset a few times before and after doing the full restore, just trying to see if it was possibly pending activation from porting service from sprint.

I have reset network settings, reset factory settings, erased and restored. Let me try to ask straight talk if they can tell me what network they put me on, but in my experience, I just get transferred over and over with no answers. With unlocked iPhone 6s models from Sprint, your phones would work with another one of the Straight Talk networks.

Which network do you think works best in your area? Please note that I do not work for Straight Talk, I try to help people out here on my site and youtube and occasionally write articles and make videos about the experience.

Try straight talk 4g lte apn settings iphone 5 on the phone and then restart it. That has solved the problem in the past for some of my readers.

If you prefer to deal with Straight Talk customer service, you want to try and reach their executive resolution department. The last contact info I is in this article. Just wanted to follow up. I was contacted by ST corporate and they said they updated their settings and told me to restart my phone. It works, straight talk 4g lte apn settings iphone 5.

Idk what they did but finally I am able to use my data. Thank you for all of your troubleshooting help! Thanks for letting me know. Glad to hear you are able to use your phone now. Gonna have to figure where I go in July when that promotion ends. Having trouble figuring out which APN settings are correct for me phone. Would you help me find the correct update to install?

It required me to put a title so I put Verizon, then saved, then slid to turn off mobile data for about 5 minutes and when I slid mobile data back on she was working. It maybe because in straight talk 4g lte apn settings iphone 5 all these devices that used the Verizon network automatically set the APN.

Enjoy your phone. The verizon settings worked for perfect for me! Thank you so much! I had already spent an hour or so on the phone with straighgttalk did 4 different troubleshoots and still had no luck but had to end the call for personal reasons.

I bought a new LG Fiesta 2 and I am using my old SIM card from my previous straight talk, on Verizon network, phone that broke had it for 4 months and it stopped working and now picture messages will not send or receive on the new phone. Just the issue with picture messaging. Do you have the full apn so I can create a new one? My phone wont let me edit the one that came on my new phone. If you are able to set the APN use the Verizon network settings on the page here. However, the phone kept reverting back to the tfdata profile.

Apparently the tfdata profile is still active and works. I called Straighttalk tech support and the person had me log on to the Internet — no problem there — and had me send a picture to myself using MMS. No problem there either. Hi Wayne, thanks for the comment. Yes the old APN tfdata still works. At one point though, maybe they will disable the older APN. The Straight talk 4g lte apn settings iphone 5 you created was saved but not displayed.

I have never been soon frustrated with something as I have with this! Due to cost effectiveness, straight talk 4g lte apn settings iphone 5, it was better for me to find a temporary phone to use for 6 weeks until we returned and I could get my phone.

Fast Forward to present…. Mobile data? In 32 days I used less than 2G of my purchased 10G of data. If your data is slow or not working, it could be that you are using your phone in an area with poor T-mobile coverage. I curious if the issue is no T-Mobile coverage in your area. This was how it was for the next 4 days, I cancelled my service.

In 1 week I was only able to use mb of dats out of my 32Gb of guaranteed 4glte data. Just a little bit slower than new Quad core phones but worked fine. I had my APN settings working perfectly, I had to factory reset my phone and I cant remember the settings I had, straight talk 4g lte apn settings iphone 5, I have tried over 20 different setting types and nothing is working. Go into the APN settings. Do a reset to default or network settings reset. Delete all the APNs on the phone.

Create a new one. It worked. I really like it but I had no G data? I have been a straight talk customer for quite some time 5 years. I have the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4. Used the BYOP packet. Had the straight talk 4g lte apn settings iphone 5 for a little over 2 years. Apn settings up to date and everything. However my data is super slow.

Dial up is faster then my phone. How do I fix this. It has beem slowly driving mad. I agree with you that throttled Straight Talk performance.

I have never heard of anyone really being able to fix it. You might be better off looking at two other options if you want to be on the Verizon network. I have no issue with them throttling it.

As for verizon, honestly I hate verizon with a passion. Are you saying you never see a 4G LTE indicator in the status bar? Does data ever work?


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straight talk 4g lte apn settings iphone 5


Straight Talk 4G LTE APN Settings for Android. Straight Talk Verizon AT&T T-Mobile US 4G LTE 3G Internet and MMS Settings for Android Galaxy S9 S8 S5 S6 S7 Tab Note J7 On HTC One Desire Wildfire LG Optimum G3 Nexus6 Xperia LG. On the Home Screen Tap – Settings -> More ->Mobile Network -> Access point Names -> + (to add) Name: Straight Talk. Learn how to update your phone's APN data settings from Straight Talk Wireless. Go to Main Content. español. Search. Yamm Megamenu. SHOP. Shop for plans, the latest phones, or even bring your own device. Service Plans. † To get 4G LTE speed, you must have a 4G LTE capable device and 4G LTE SIM. Actual availability, coverage and speed may. Straight Talk US 4G LTE Internet and MMS APN Settings for iPhone X Xplus 8S 7S 6S 6 5 iPad Mini Pro. Straight Talk (AT&T) APN Settings for iPhone. In your Apple iPhone go to Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Network -> APN and enter the following details.